How to Display a button after clicking the save action button

Hi, I have Button on the page title component which performs Save action on a model. In the same page title component i want to show another button called Submit for approval. This button when clicked will fire an approval process. My requirement here is, Unless i click the save button i should not see the submit for approval button. Right now, i am seeing both the buttons sitting side by side while creating the record in a popup. IS there anyway by which i can see only the save when i open the pop up and and see the submit for approval button only after the saving the popup. I don’t know much about JavaScript so i am wondering if we can do this via Action framework Thanks. -Avinash

You would add a field to the model called “Saved”. It would be a check box field. Then, instead of a save button, you would replace it with a multiple actions button. The button actions would be to save the model, then mark the “Saved” field true (Checked). Then you can conditionally render the submit for approval button based on whether the Saved field is true.

Worked. Thanks Raymond.

Raymond is the champ!  Thanks for your help here…