How to create good looking bulk page XML?

We have a team that is doing a “code review” and wants to take a look at the XML behind all of our Skuid pages (~200 by last count). The easiest way we’ve come up to help them do this is to package all of the pages up into static resources, export the static resources, and send the files to the team. The gotcha is that XML formatting in the static resource files is ugly (looks like there are no CRLFs).

What are our options for sending the team all of the page XML in a ready-to-review format?


200 hundred pages!!! WOW!!!

Would a read-only version of XML Page Editor work?  That way you could just make a Skuid page of all the Skuid pages that needed to be reviewed, and have them click on a page to review it.  The XML Page Editor would take care of the formatting.

I’m not saying we have this feature yet, but it is something we could consider adding.

@ben - Yep, that would work. Of course, I need the feature right now :slight_smile: . Is there a way to do this today as not read-only e.g. get all Skuid pages in the system on one formatted XML page and then cut-n-paste it into Word or some such?

Here is a brainstorm.

  1. Make sure the review team only has “read” access to the Page object. Don’t let them make any changes.

  2. Create a new Skuid page that presents a list of your pages. (Tab view)

  3. Add a template to the table that has code like this: XML Review

This will present a list of pages that need to be reviewed, and will provide access to the XML back end of each page.

You could even expose the URL more directly and export the table as a CSV that could be emailed to your team. They could use the links to get to the XML viewer for each page, and keep track of progress against thier review in the spreadsheet.

Warning. This is totally off the cuff and may not work for you.