How to create a wizard which will pull pre-existing data and allow you to edit it?

Background:  I have a pre-existing HCM managed package within Salesforce that I’d like to bolster with a Skuid wizard so that our HR onboarding process is as simple as possible and doesn’t require manual entry of data outside of the wizard.  Data needs to be pulled from one data model (Recruitment) to another (Core HR), and broken out into different objects.

Data Model: Recruitment

Data Model: Worker

The data mapping would need to work as follows:


                    ->            Worker (Name, basic demographic details – master record)

                    ->            Worker Address (child record)

                    ->            Worker Phone (child record(s))

                    ->            Worker email (child record)

Details from Job Requisition, Position; Manual Entry       

                    ->            Work Assignment

                    ->            Position Allocation

                    ->            Compensation

Candidate Work Experience

                    ->            Worker Experience (child records)

Candidate Education                                                                    
                    ->            Worker Education (child records)

Recruitment expenses                                                                 

                    ->            Worker expenses


I set up a data model to pull all the candidate data from a given ID based upon URL parameter.  I then have subsequent data models set up for other objects, and have conditions set to map the fields for each new object from the original job application.  I’m able to pull address data and names, thus far. However, the fields don’t appear as editable within the wizard (granted, my wizard is barebones right now).  I set the Default mode for each field editor as ‘Edit’, but I can’t seem to make it do anything besides pull the data.  We’d like to clean the data before it gets posted to the Worker itself so that data formats are maintained for other integrated systems.  Is Skuid acting as intended, or is there a way to resolve this that I’m completely missing?

Additionally, I’m having issues with pulling data from fields containing apostrophes (i.e. ‘O’Leary’ for a last name).  Is there any way to escape the apostrophe when mapping fields to one another?


You should be able to edit the data brought in from your recruitment record in your newly created candidate (or other) record.  

In a wizard environment you may be doing things like requerying the data to display again on step 2.  This might overwrite your changes, or throw out records where changes had been made and now they no longer met the conditions.  I would encourage you to simplify your wizard so you capture and change all data without makeing trips to the server, and then save everything all at once at the end. 

If you are still not getting this to work let us know,  give us login rights and we can take a look. 

The O’Leary thing was identified as a bug and has been fixed in our most recent nightly package.