How to create a UI-Only model in Javascript

Does anyone know how to create a UI-Only Model in JavaScript?  I’m adapting the tutorial linked here:,  the line below creates a new model with a Salesforce datasource.  Any hep is greatly appreciated

var OppModel = new skuid.model.Model();


I’m not sure what the settings should be, but you can find out:

  • create a ui-only model in the builder
  • preview the page.
  • open the javascript console and use ‘’ to view your model and see what the parameters are.
  • copy the relevant parameters into your javascript model creation.

Thanks Matt.  Your instructions lead me to the line below.  I  thought had tried something like this in the past, but I must have left something out.  Thanks for pointing out the map feature.

var ds = new skuid.model.Model({dataSourceName:"Ui-Only", dataSourceTypeName: "Ui-Only"})

dataSourceName: “Ui-Only” is all that is needed. the Data Source Type is inferred from the Data Source.