How to create a table of an object that is 2 lookup fields away from parent

We have a parent object ENROLLMENT with child object LESSONS.  The lessons object has a lookup to a financial object to pay a teacher PAYABLE LINE. Payable line has a parent object that rolls up all of the financial totals into one payout record PAYABLE.

We have a skuid page for the enrollment and we can easily see the associated lessons there. We can also easily see the payable lines in a list on the enrollment. What we have not figured out is how to see a list of the Payables in the enrollment. We would like to see that list and also create new payables from our enrollment skuid view. How may we set this up?

FYI a payable is the master to a payable line so the payable must be made first before per lesson payable lines can be added. 


Ok … er … let me think.

I’ve done it.

When you say you have the payable lines, do you mean all the payable lines for all the enrollments in one model? Or do you mean the payable lines for one enrollment?

Conversely,  do you want all the payables for all the enrollments or just one enrollment?