How to create a Skuid table which do not involve Salesforce records?

Hi, I have a requirement where I do not have to show Salesforce records as row but need to display rows with custom information. The user will select any of the row and I have to display that row later in the page. How can this be achieved?

Hi lkharbanda, welcome to the Skuid Community! Could you share some more details about your requirement?

  1. Where is the displayed information coming from, if not from Salesforce?
  2. Or is the user supposed to fill out the Table row, like creating new data?
  3. If yes, do you want to save this data to Salesforce (or another data source) later?
  4. Are you working on a Skuid v1 or v2 page?

Depending on your answers, using UI-only models and fields could be helpful for you, have you tried using it already? Please find more information here:
UI-Only Fields and Models

and here: