how to create a record table of created skuid salesforce reports

I’ve created several skuid reports and want to place those report links in a table so I can easily access them from a tab view in skuid. 

Any ideas how I can achieve adding the reports to my custom skuid page? 

Easy way: put each report in a tabset tab and set it to dropdown. Then the selected report will appear based on your drop down choice. Harder: create a custom object in Salesforce to store the URL of the reports.

This is also a little harder, but you could also use a Nav component if you want to see a vertical or horizontal stack of your reports instead of a dropdown list. Then, have the nav action dynamically load a page include with javascript, like this:

var pageInclude = skuid&#46;$('#EmptyPageIncludeComponent')&#46;data('object');<br />pageInclude&#46;pagename = &#47;&#47;the name of your page<br />pageInclude&#46;querystring = &#47;&#47;any params that your page needs<br />pageInclude&#46;load(function(){<br /> &nbsp;console&#46;log('Loaded page include&#46;');<br />});

Where ‘EmptyPageIncludeComponent’ is the unique id of your page include component.



After all that, I think if you just use a tabset like Raymond suggested and set it to a left tab bar, you’d get the same effect without code.

Yes, but you can take it to the next level with the snippet if you add in some other actions to the sequence and/or don’t want the tab bar displayed. For example, you could open the report in a full screen popup to give it maximum screen real estate and put the nav buttons anywhere on the page like in your header. Love it… thanks for posting. I acccomplished something similar through conditional rendering of multiple page include components, but this snippet would have probably saved me some time and creative thinking.

Yeah, I found that method helpful with nested queues in drawers, where we need to load a different page include depending on which level of the queue the user clicks on.

Yes the options are endless. Seems like it would make a good action item: “Load page include”. Then any componenet you need to have variable parameters could be put in a page include, then you could use this action to feed in the parameters and load it.

i’d vote for it. :slight_smile:

Looks like I have a couple options to play with :) 

Let me see which comes out to be better option.

I appreciate it very much and will get back to you on which method was decided on.