How to create a popup to display list of related records (Attachments of a Record) in a table.


I need to display the related attachment records in a table up on a row action of a table as a table in the pop up.

Hi Venky, you should be able to do this easily by adding a row action. First you’ll need a model on the Attachments Object that is set to not load model data on page load, and has a condition where ParentId is filterable default off.

Choose “run multiple actions” as the type and have it (1) Activate your ParentId condition and set the value to {{Id}} which will bring in the Id of the table row in context, then (2) Query the Attachment model, and (3) open a popup which you can then configure to have a table, set to your attachment object.

Here’s a step by step overview of creating a popup row action, although your action will be a little more complex (as described above) because it’s bringing in records from a related object.  

Cheers! Let us know if you are successful and if you have any other questions. 


It was perfect for my requirement.
The thing I have missed was “run multiple actions” for the row action there by I have missed those 1 and 2 actions.

Now I have implemented as suggested above.

Thanks a lot, Anna.

You’re welcome! I’m glad it worked for you.