How to create a model that only selects a single record that is located in a field on the account

Hey All, 

Let me provide the setup for my question:

On the account we have a lookup field that points to a meeting object record. Lets call it the last completed meeting. Linked to this meeting object via another lookup field is a notes object record. 

So it could look something like: Account > Last Meeting Record > Notes Record

I have a row action(popup) on a table of accounts. From this popup I would like to add components where I can edit fields on both the meeting object and the linked notes object record, specifically the record stored that the account field points to (and subsequently the notes linked by that record)

But as we cannot edit records through a lookup I a having difficulty building a model that can identify these specific records and thusly allowing the user to edit the fields on those records. 

If anyone knows what model conditions I can use to locate these records and enable one to edit the fields please help me out! 

Thanks a bunch!

Hi All, I figured it out by creating a model for each of the three and using the record ID of the object in the Account field and had a meeting object match record IDs and then the same for the notes and this works great.

Hi Michael, thanks very much for closing the loop with your solution!