How to create a link on Skuid Page which will open Opportunity Page in Salesforce

Sorry I am new to Skuid and learning.
I have added model field to my skuid page. Model field is from Opportunity object in Salesforce.
It is displaying the data but I want it to be a link so when user click on it, it goes to related Opportunity page. I tried using template field but I think I am not using the a href properly.
Field is added to Skuid Table component.
Salesforce object field name is IO__c
Under Template field property it is {{{Customer_Order__r.Opportunity__r.IO__c}}}
Is there any other way to do this?

What happens if you just use the “Customer_Order__r.Opportunity__r” field directly. Skuid should recognize that it is a reference field, replace the ID with the name field underneath it, and handle the linking so that it goes to the opportunity detail page.

The current version of Skuid that it looks like you are using does not allow HTML in Template fields. That is changing in our next release (which should be availabie very soon). If you can wait a few weeks and upgrade to our new release, you should be able to make the code you have written above work.

We’re super glad you’ve joined us on this Skuid Adventure!! No problem with being New. Let us know how your “getting started” experience is going and if there are other ways we can help you.

Hey Rob, Thank you for answering. When you said replace ID with the name field underneath it what do you mean by that. I used Customer_Order__r.Opportunity__r which came as reference. Changed the label name to IO# but want to see IO__c 's info instead of Opportunity__r info linking to opportunity details page.