How to configure custom skuid details page in place of default page

How to configure custom skuid details page in place of default page

When I am override the Standard view with my custom skuid details page its showing this error

Validation Errors While Saving Record(s)There were custom validation error(s) encountered while saving the affected record(s). The first validation error encountered was “Large is not a supported form factor.”. 

I have checked my custom object and there is no validation how to achieve this job.

Hey Maheswar,

Sorry you’re going through this problem. Raymond did direct to our documented guidance for how to configure a custom skuid page in place of a default page. Were there any sections that were unclear? Is this your first time overriding a salesforce detail page or is this validation error occurring only on one page?

Could you elaborate on your set up and what steps your trying to take? I haven’t come across that validation error before and am curious to discover what could be causing that.

The more screen shots, the better. Thanks in advance.


I'm having the same error "There were custom validation error(s) encountered while saving the affected record(s). The first validation error encountered was "Large is not a supported form factor."

I created a very simple Account Details page, created VF page and on overriding in in the Buttons, Links & Actions menu I get this error.

I have no validation rules. I am using Lightning though.



I case anyone stumbles on the same issue, I checked with a helpful Skuid employee.

I am using Lightning and there seems to be some issues with overriding Lightning pages of standard objects (custom objects had no error).
The workaround is to add the page as a Skuid Component through the Page Edit function from the Object. That seemed to work.

I’m getting the same error.  

Attempting to override basic view action with a simple VF page, then override that VF page with a Skuid page.   

Using Lightning. 

Is there no way to override a detail view with Skuid in Lightning??   I do not want to use the Skuid Component route because there is no way to suppress the Lightning header, and also, when doing so, custom static resources are not pulled into the Lightning page.  

I had a call with Gregg Baxter (Skuid employee) who couldn’t give me a solution to override it and for the moment I was satisfied with the component solutions, but I can imagine that this is not ideal for everyone.

My application will rely very heavily on custom static resources, custom headers, navigation, etc, defined within Skuid.   I need to fully replace most default Lightning actions and views with Skuid pages.  

The promise of “extend or replace” is pushed pretty heavily by Skuid.  Honestly struggling to understand how they will sustainably interoperate. 

Update: The odd validation error mentioned earlier can be attributed to a Lightning Record Page already assigned to that object.

I had assigned a Lightning Record as the Org Default page elsewhere in the application (Lightning Apps > Record Page > Activate). I removed this assignment, the validation error went away, and I was able to override the view action with a VisualForce page.

That VisualForce page uses the ‘skuid:page’ component as described here:…

My static resources are being pulled in properly (they were not when added as a Lightning component), but the Lightning header is still loudly present.

Probably not the best way to approach this – for a number of reasons including favoring anything VF to Lightning components – but that’s all I know for now, in the absence of a clearer path presented by the docs.

Phil, thank you for following up on this post. You may already suspect, but Salesforce doesn’t provide any way to hide the lightning header. 

I’m learning that. Huge issue. Load time of a Lightning App page is easily 3x the load time of a Skuid/VF page called directly. Unacceptably slow. I would prefer to manage navigation through Skuid master pages / nav components.

Is it naive of me to think that I could create a VF page for every Skuid page I want to use, render the skuid:page component and go from there?

I’d like to be able to call Skuid pages through the predictable URL architecture that VF provides.

Have you used our best practices to insure your pages are going as fast as they can with Skuid?

I will!   I should clarify (after reading my own comment it seems unclear), the Skuid/VF page is pretty fast.  It’s favored to using any Lightning app / page. 

Thanks for the resource.