How to configure a model to be compatible with the USING SCOPE soql clause

In the Winter 15 release, they added the SOQL clause called “USING SCOPE” (see:

Is there any way of making a Model with this feature? If it’s not yet supported by Skuid, can anyone tell me how I can access the SOQL generator so I can override the skuid function until it’s supported?



While Skuid might not yet directly support this additional SOQL clause, I believe you should be able to query the data directly using our REST API model services. Here is how:

Set up a model service to query your salesforce domain: Important factors here are the Domain URL, the Authentication method and the Request Header where the API sessionID is passed.

Then on your skuid page build models that use this REST Model Service. Your service URL will look somthing like this:

/services/data/v34.0/query?q={{#encodeUrl}}SELECT Name, ID, OtherFields FROM sObjectName WHERE {{#name}}(Name LIKE ‘{{#name}}{{#decodeUrl}}{{name}}{{/decodeUrl}}{{/name}}’){{#FieldTwo}}AND (FieldTwo LIKE ‘{{#decodeUrl}}{{FieldTwo city}}{{/decodeUrl}}’){{/city}} USING SCOPE Mine

This model service can be both Read and Write.

Thank you, this is very useful!