How to close current LEX Console subtab?

As per subject.

Client wants to open wizard in subtab and close the tab once done using wizard.

Hey @Pat_Vachon !

One possibility is:

create Lightning events that you can fire off from within the Skuid page.

But I will follow up and get back to you ASAP.


Cool beans! Can’t wait. Any hints?

Yo! Chompin at the bit for this. Can you point in the direction of the solution for me to get started?

Hey @Pat_Vachon !

One solution you can do is using the JS API:

You would need to use closeTab({tabId}) from the Workspace API

Let me know if this helps, i will keep digging to help get an solution


I did notice these APIs and methods, but wasn’t able to get the Id for the tab.

Germany! Where you at? I took another crack at it without any luck. You?

Yo @Pat_Vachon and GM! let’s try to hop on a call and try to figure it out. do you have a min? if so, let’s take this to DM

@Pat_Vachon, I saw you figured out the problem via email. Can you share your solution here so others can know?

closing post now,