How to change Currency from doller to INR?

Currency field working fine on salesfore page when change the Locale settings in

Administration–> Company Profile–> Company Information–> Locale Settings–> Currency Locale–> English(India)

But on Skuid page its not working. it’s showing me currency field value as a dollar not INR.

My team just worked through this process with success. I’ll be able to work on a response that will hopefully help you in the next 30 minutes.


If you have multiple currency enalbed in your salesforce org, the default display is ultimately set on the user record.  If you do not have multi currency enabled - what you explain above should work. 

Sorry my meeting ran long and Rob came to the rescue like usual :). One thing to add on the SF side… After we sent the request for the multi-currency function to be turned on it took almost 2 days for it to actual begin functioning. If you want some screen shots of our test environment where it is functioning to help you out just say the word.

Hi Anthony,
Please send me some screen shots of your test environment.

Here are a few pics of what ours looks like (with the SF conversion factor enabled). As you can see we did build a custom object for this page. If you have any questions let me know I’ll be able to respond much faster this week, had a long passed couple of days so I’m sorry about the wait.
Hope this helps or you have it working already!!

sorry multiple currency enabled