How to change colour of a field, timed colour change

Hi everyone,

I want to change the colour of a field’s background only when the value is changed and I would like the colour to only appear for a few seconds. I have the beginnings of a snippet but the hard part right now is to get it to work when the field gets changed. How do I set up the field to run the snippet on value change?

Many thanks in advance

You could use a model action to fire the snippet

Thank you. I’m new to this and I get a bit lost at times.

We all get a bit lost sometimes. Skuid is a pretty big place, with lots of hidden corners. But its fun to explore, and theres lots of gold in those corners! Glad you found some!!!

It’s like peeling an onion

The deeper you get - the more you cry! (Umm. I’m not sure I like where this is going…)

Ever find a solution? If so, how’d you do it. If not, lemeno if you’d like to solve the puzzle together. :smiley:

A snippet can be done easily if you want to shoot me a XML based on standard objects and fields that would represent your use case.

I also created an idea based on your post. Go vote for it.