How to call my Apex class and method from javascript snippet


There is a community post on how call Apex from JavaScript here:

You should also consider making your Apex class ‘invocable’, because this approach will make your class ‘callable’ from any Skuid action.  You’d then be able to use your Apex class on any Skuid page without adding any JavaScript.



Here’s our documentation about calling Apex actions from Skuid, if you’re interested. 


Hi Amy, That link actually doesn’t show anything on APEX. Ironically even though I have invocable classes neither the option to even select option in Action Framework doesn’t show-up

Oops, let me fix that. That’s a side effect of us moving our documentation site. Some of the links still redirect fine but others didn’t quite make it. I’ve fixed the link above so that it goes to the correct documentation, just look for the section about Apex. It’s admittedly a short blurb, but it also links to some Salesforce documentation about invocable methods. 

To help troubleshoot your issue I have some questions for you:
What version of Skuid are you on?
Can you give some more details about “the option to select doesn’t show up”, and maybe a screenshot? Can you not run the Apex datasource action or can you not select any Apex actions to run?


Looks like I spoke too soon; Bill helped you to find the run Apex action. Glad you got it sorted out, nevermind about my questions!