How to call a Remote Action


we tried to follow the process described here to call remote action in skuid: 

We created the following snippet:

                xxxx.test(JSON.stringify(mypar), function(result, event) {                    if (event.type == ‘exception’) {
When we try to call it we receive the error “ReferenceError: xxxx is not defined”.

here our class: 

global class xxxx {

    global static void test(String y) {    

Thank you.


You have to modify your Visualforce “override” Page to include the Apex Class containing your Remote Action as an extension controller, otherwise the Remote Action will not be callable from JavaScript.

Follow the steps described in Item 4 from the “official response” to this Community post: Calling apex function

Thank you very much Zach, it worked!

Just a curious issue: when I open the page with chrome on mac it works perfectly, when I open the same page on chrome from widows all the font are changed to Times new Roman (instead of the defualt lightning font of skuid)