How to associate Lightning Note with Related Record

In Standard Salesforce Lightning when one adds a Note on a Contact Record, there is an option/button to “Add to Records”. How can I include the same functionality of selecting an object and searching for a related object in Skuid when creating a note? I can do this with Tasks but not Notes.

I can create models with conditions for the various objects needed and add a note but seems a bit of an overkill. However still difficult to search and select the desired record.

The note is using the “ContentNote” object. (which appears to really be “Content Document”). And that relates to “Content Document Link” - which is where the multiple relationships are managed. So you’ll have to create models on both objects (tied together with conditions) and add “create new row” actions to the CDL model to bring in new relationships. It may indeed be overkill - but it should be feasible.

Sorry for the long delay in replying. I’d like to expand upon what I am trying to do. Currently I can specify a specific record on any object by using the record id in a condition, and create the note on that record.

I would like to be able specify the object (ie. account or campaign), search for the specific record, and then associate my note to it. I am not seeing how to specify the object from the Content Document Link and then perform a search for the specific record. Maybe using