How to apply word wrap or word-break in skuid table having string field

I want the field in my table to display full name.I tried using word wrap and wod break…but nothing worked. Can someone suggest me as how can i break the words in different line so as full name is being displayed.?

Hi Ankita, I would like to help you. Could you please share more information:

1. Skuid version number
2. screenshots of what you tried so far
3. screenshots of the result

yes Luzie sure…Sorry for the late reply.

Skuid version 12.0.6
i tried using css such as word wrap and word break but nothing applied such as:

I guess the picture is not clear ;
the css was :


The result is not as expected : 

i want this keystone metadata things to break down into another line so that full name is visible when i decrease the column width.


Its almost a week since I have posted this question and its very sad to see as none of the skuid member from skuid community has replied .


I’m running an environment with 12.0.6 right now.

“Word-wrap: break-word;” is set by default for table columns, and you do not need to add custom css to accomplish this. Did you also try setting a custom width on your table column?

Below is XML of this functionality working on a 12.0.6 page:

Also, just a friendly note – this is an online forum, so don’t plan for other users to respond immediately. When they do respond, it’s because they are willing to offer some free assistance to their fellow forum members. If you need immediate assistance, you should look at hiring a consultant or look at Skuid’s professional services engagement.

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Hi Conlan…

I am sorry if it has hurt anyone sentiments…and was not aware of skuid professional service engagement…since I am new to skuid…My bad !!!

Thank you for your help it really helped me…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No hurt sentiments at all. :slight_smile: Just a friendly reminder. I also have numerous posts currently without any response. Skuid recently released a major update (Spark), and I think there are a lot of questions being asked right now.