How to aggregate data in Mobile Composer?

Aggregate models are not available in Mobile Composer yet.  So I was wondering what would be the best method to aggregate my data from a model using the Mobile Composer?

Hi Gregg,

In some cases, you may be able to get away with creating a RollUp Summary field to do your aggregations for you.  This would be the most straightforward way to get this done.  However, for many cases this will not work.  Until we get the UI done for aggregate models in the mobile builder, you’ll have to either write some Javascript or Skuid XML by hand to get this done.

The mobile runtime actually loads in all of the platform features of Skuid.  There are just a lot of things we haven’t yet built a UI for in the mobile builder.  For instance, if you took the xml from an aggregate model you created in the desktop builder and copied/pasted it into the correct location on your mobile page, it would load correctly.  If you to connect that model to other mobile components, you’d have to do that through the XML as well.  However if you wanted to use Javscript or Custom Components to connect to this data, it would work just fine.

So I guess the short answer is you can’t officially do aggregations in mobile using just the declarative builder, but if you’re willing to fiddle with things you could probably make something work.  Our goal for the future is to most (if not all) of the features you see in the desktop builder into the mobile experience as well.

I hope this helps.

Hi Ben.

Thanks.  I understand and will use this fiddle option in the interim.

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