How to add value from formula field to a field in my Salesforce Model

Hi all

Im using Salesforce Skuid (for the first time) and I have built out a custom form based on an object in my Salesforce Environment.

I basically have a form where users to select an online listing package we offer, my UI-Only formula field then display a price (currency) - all working great. My problem lies with putting the value of this field into my ‘Price’ field (from Model).

For some reason I can display the price in the field but when I go to save the form, it complains there is no data in the Price field? Am I meant to somehow force a value in this field through JS??

Please help as I am really enjoying this product : )

Many thanks


You should explore the Action Framework. Lots of things you’d expect to only be able to do in JS can be done declaratively.

Here you could add some actions to your save button that “Update Field on Row” - passing the value from the UI Only Formula field into the real Salesforce Field before the save action occurs.

You could also trigger that action from the model - in the “Actions” section of the model configuration. Every time the Formula Field is updated - its value could be passed to the Salesforce field.

There is a sample page built on the standard Opportunity / Line Item / Product data model that has a lot of these ideas built into it. You may find it helpful.