How to add the Asterisks for identifying mandatory fields.

Skuid marks required fields with a vertical red bar ala Salesforce.  Is this not sufficient?

The Custom Lable property on the field is a template that will accept basic HTML. You can do somthing like this:

*** Field Name

The properties would look like this:

The end result would be like this:


Thanks but i want only one asterisk

Soory…! i got it.

Just to be clear, if you want one (1) asterisk, then use this markup:

<span style="color: #ff0000">*</span> Field Name 

If you want to use a smiley face, use this markup:

<span style="color: #ff0000">&amp;#9786;</span> <b>Give Irvin a 1000% pay increase</b>  

Yes Irvin - as a special new year’s gift we will increase your Skuid Pay by 1000%.   From $0.00 to 1000% gratitude!  Thanks again and happy  new year!