How to add an attachment description to file uploads?

I am trying to find a way to allow the user to include an Attachment Description that goes in the Attachment object “Description” field when using the file upload component. I don’t see a way to do any Actions on a file upload to add it. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?


We use a table on the Attachment Object just below the file upload component, with a “description” column. When the user uploads a file, it shows up as the first row in the table, and the description can be edited.

How about an action in the attachment model that shows a popup with the description. You’d use two models to make this happen. You follow?

I like it. When a new row is created in the attachment model, trigger the popup with a field for the description.

But why do you need two models?

To isolate the new attachment as one row. Don’t think you can only show the new record otherwise.

Ah, I see.

Can users edit the data that templates pull in with merge syntax? I thought that was possible. If so, could you use a template with {{$}} instead of two models and a field editor?

Probably more complicated than it’s worth.

How do you add an Action to the File Upload Component?


Pat is describing an action on the attachment model, not the file upload component.

You should have two models on your page (or three, with Pat’s method). One on the object that has the record you are attaching to; and one (or two) on the Attachments Object, with a condition linking it to the first model.

Makes sense?

i get how to load a list of them but how do you relate the upload component to the single record attachment model? once you upload the file it saves it and there is no handle to the attachment it creates.

er … uh … nvm. I forgot that the file component doesn’t work based on an attachment model. It works based on pointing at the parent model. :smiley:

I got it! :wink: VisualForce… lol

I’m confused. What were trying to do. Just list the attachments?

No, That plus add an attachment with a description. I made a quick upload page that uses a drop down for description for the file upload. The list with skuid is easy but there needs to be a way to upload a file with the description not just the file.

Well Ill be danged. Pat’s idea should work,  but there is a bug with the file component.  It adds a row to the attachments model, but doesn’t trigger model actions…   We need to fix that. 


I really think Skuid can do what you’re asking. We’ve done it. If you’re happy with your visualforce solution, that’s great. If you want a complete sample/description, let me know.

I’d be interested just because I’d like to see how. :wink:

If you have a working sample that would be great! I couldn’t get anything streamlined to work that didn’t involve adding, refreshing, editing and then saving.

So, here’s what we’re using. The only step I’ve eliminated is ‘refreshing.’ I still have to upload, edit, and save. Using a popup like Pat suggested would be an even better user experience, once the Skuid team get’s the model actions working properly.

I will mention that this ‘patient’ is completely fictional. We’re not violating anyone’s privacy.

Jim that’s cool - but I don’t think it gets to what we want.  The table with description in it is cool,  but does not force the user to enter a description.  Still working on this one… 

Right. Pat’s idea to launch a popup on creation of a new row seems like the way to go.