How to access specific rows in a Google sheet which is publised/public?

I have an established REST API connection between Skuid and Google sheets. I am able to acces sthe whole sheet using the List URL source


I am having trouble to filter or just load specific rows rom this sheet.

The only google documentation I found explaining this is “” which has only example related to private file.


when I replace me url with

"/feeds/cells/1-suqzYCpjr6R1OuOKGI60w7nWyk88jAu8dLWH5rmOIk/od6/public/full?alt=json?min-row=2&min-col=4&max-col=4" it is not working either.

Did anyone else had faced this issue? 

Also there is no proper documentation available to use URL merge conditions for google sheets connection based Models.

Please let me know of any workaround?