How soon we forget...

Hey Skuidsters - I took a moment to try and develop a solution the old, pre-skuid way to remind myself of how tough it used to be. You offer an amazing product, and the coolest part is that it is such an empowering tool. The other day, I had an entrepreneur friend complaining about how his developer/found was holding him hostage and preventing the company from growing. I sat with him and drew up an MVP prototype in 2 hours. To say the least, his mind was blown. Skuid + SF helps you go from infant concept to prototype at unnervingly fast speed. I only post problems on here, so I wanted to pause and vocalize my appreciation for you guys. Thanks for being cool. Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks for including us in your journey.


Thanks for your encouraging words and being such a great spokesperson for Skuid in your circle of influence! It’s awesome to hear how people use their expertise to help others :slight_smile:


Had to find this post and add to it. Seems like all I’ve had time for in the past little while is time for complaining. :S

Well, just to be clear, for every thing I’ve complained about, there have been many many successes and praise owed.

Skuid is allowing me and my company untold flexibility in delivering solutions to clients. Short of a few small small things that Skuid isn’t good at, there isn’t much of anything someone could ask for that can’t be delivered by the Skuid/Salesforce combination.

Always seems that my best clients start to see past their projects to other things beyond their current goals. Conga Composer is quite often the next in line for it’s ability to further automate and capture business processes. Next is some type of community license to bring in partners, clients, employees into the business process with custom apps for their experience.

So I’m totally with Griffin Brown on this, so it’s so easy to take for granted what you folks at Skuid have created.

Thank you. I’m honestly quite excited about what Skuid has planned for the future. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Time was that when a client made a feature request (they’re encouraged to dream big…) we’d have to go away, find out if it could be done, and then let them know either way. Since using Skuid the answer is always just “Yes, that’s no problem”.

Best, is when a client is describing the functionality to you over the phone and, unbeknownst to them, you’re actually building the feature for them as they’re explaining it. They finish their spiel and you ask them to refresh the page and… BOOM! It’s there! Makes me feel like a boss…


Thanks for your kind and affirming words. We appreciate your questions, problems, and suggestions as it helps Skuid serve you and your clients better with creative solutions!



Glad Skuid is working well for you! If your clients ever ask you for things you either don’t know how to do or don’t know if Skuid can do, throw them out here and let us put our heads together to problem solve. We really value all the suggestions that come from this community as it helps us to make Skuid a better product for everyone!