How Much Data Should I Put In Header / Footer?

Sounds like a silly question, but I’m hoping to get an idea on how custom headers/footers could affect page performance. And I don’t know enough about Master-Child page relationships even speculate. I’m aiming to build a fairly intricate header & footer which mainly includes direct links to our documentation articles & current reports; however, I didn’t want to build this out only to realize it’s slowing each individual page load.

I just added a bunch of direct links which makes the page 1,100 lines but I haven’t noticed any slow performance. Just wanted to get an idea on whether this could become an issue towards 2,000-2,500 max.

The number of lines in header/footer you’re proposing really won’t slow the page all that much. It’s the resources you call upon that could potentially slow the page down. Any additional JS, models/# of rows, etc.

Most of the Master pages I’ve created has approx. 10 snippets and 10 models w/ approx. 100 rows total. Always around 3-4 seconds for most detail and tab pages.

Cool, thanks for letting me know! Only have 4 models currently but not loading much data if any at all, mostly just for creation. 

We’ll be putting all our ScreenSteps documentation links through the navigation component in our footer. Great way to make sure our users have access to the right documentation, wherever they are.