How i will get current url parameter and pass that value in one of the field of my model

How i will get current url parameter…i have to get id from current url  and want to set automatically to the lookup field of my Model…

I have got Url id by using js:-

var query =;
var CompId  = query.split(‘&id=’)[1];

Now i have to set this value in field of Model…

I think you can use to get your value (not currently documented, except in a backwards way through the merge syntax documentation).

That said, is there a reason you can’t just set a url param condition on your model instead of doing it with javascript?

You can use the action framework to populate a URL parameter to a field.
Your action framework should use the “Update field on row” action - and use global merge syntax to send the URL parameter to the field. {{$Param.}}

Excellent, thank you. Works great!

Hi Rob… similar query I posted last week but haven’t had a response as yet and I am really stuck.

We need to create a url in our managed app (so the mydomain will vary each time) and I thought one solution would be to create a UI formula field on the Org object and using merge syntax


Sounds good… but {{$Site.CurrentSiteUrl}} keeps coming up blank.

Any help would be appreciated