How does squid handle selection when creating a new record using the Table view?

We have an insurance object that has multiple record types based on the type of insurance. I want a user to select the record type when they create a new record. Squid defaults to Life Insurance. Can I make that selectable?

My guess is that you are not including the Record Type ID field on your table, but rather the Name field on the Record Type object. When the field is “one step away” like that - you are not going to be able to edit it inline in a table.

But never fear! If you include the Record Type ID field from your Insurance Object, skuid will automatically render the name, and on edit will create an autocomplete lookup field. Below see this in action on the Account object.

The first field is the Name - and is uneditable.
The second field is the record type ID. (Remember you can change the column lable… ) It is editable.