How does one document Skuid development?

Looking for some best practices from other Skuid customers as it relates to documentation of a CRM (or other) platform.

How have you gone about documenting the Skuid build?
What is in the scope of the documentation? Some ideas…
     UI/style sheet
     UX process consistencies
     Page by page details - 
         Components and their characteristics
         Fields within components and their characteristics
         Models and their conditions
         Series/actions taking place
         CSS classes
         JS snippets
How do you maintain the documentation?

I know it’s not a fun topic - but brainstorm with me anyways!



Skuid’s design philosophy is to support changes at any time.  I don’t think that creating detail documentation for a page makes sense as it can change daily or hourly.

Also Skuid represents each page as an XML document.  This could be your documentation. You can look at the XML and see the components and fields, model actions and page characteristics.

I think it does make sense to include comments in any custom CSS or JS snippets.  I have also added JS Snippets with just comments in them as a way to include details about the page or design intent about model actions.

If you want to go further, add a custom object with a lookup to the Skuid page and a rich text field to store your documentation.  Then clone the Skuid PageList page and add a drawer to view/edit your documentation.



Honestly, at a glance, the list you have above is quite good. It might be missing some things that others will surely point out. But I would start with what you have. you’ll likely find more/ the client will ask for more as you go along.

As far as the the tool used, just make sure it’s collaborative. Google Docs is crude, but works well for this. If you need more formatting and more powerful tools, I’d easily go for an office 365 enterprise subscription or the like…