How do you use the Attachment Image component if your object doesn't have a picture field?

How do you use the Attachment Image component? Can you use it with objects that don’t have image fields?

You can use the Attachment Image component even with Sobjects that don’t normally have a image field, because you can add custom fields, including image fields, to any Sobject. Go to Setup > App Setup > [Sobject] > Fields > New > Lookup Relationship > Image > Name field > Next >>> Uncheck Add Related List and Append Related List > Save. Back in the Page Editor, add your image lookup field (e.g. “photo_c”) and click on the related fields icon (with the green arrow): Next, in the related image fields, select the Attachment Id field: Then, go back to the Attachment Image Properties and set it to your custom image field. For detailed, step by step instructions with pictures, check out File Component in the Skuid Tutorials at

It looks like you have created a new custom object called Image, is that a prerequisite? I’m trying to add a photo, but the File component is gone, and there’s only File Upload, can’t really seem to figure this out…

Jack, the File Component and the File Upload Component are the same thing. Use the file upload component.