How do we display existing contact profile photos in Skuid?

We have been using an app called Picture Uploader to attach profile photos to Contact Records. The app attaches the photo to the Contact record and Account record, creates and populates a field called Profile Photo URL with the URL of that photo attachment. We have another field called Picture ID that displays the unique identifier contained in the Profile Photo URL. Last, we have a formula field called Picture that displays the image. The formula is as follows: if ( LEN(btydev__Picture_Id__c) > 0, IMAGE(“/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=” & btydev__Picture_Id__c, “”), “”) How do I get the photos to display in Skuid? I’ve gone through your instructions. I can’t find a way to link to the current attachments. We have thousands of them attached to our contacts records. Thanks!

Good morning, Krista. Thanks for asking this question. I just wanted to let you know that we’re working on this and will have an answer for you today or tomorrow. Some questions: have you tried dragging your Picture display field into a table or field editor? does it display the image that way? I’d also be curious to see what it the display field looks like in the template component. You can also try using your image URL field in a template component/field as follows:

  1. Drag the template component into the page builder, or into a field editor or table.
  2. In Template properties, click to Allow HTML.
  3. For the template body, enter
  4. (Make sure that you substitute the actual name for the Profile URL field, if that’s not it. The name to use here is not the display name but the Salesforce field name with the __c)
Let me know if any of these suggestions are useful.


I have similar issue. How do I show profile photo on site. If i use , it works on skuid page, but on site it does not display any image.


Please see Zach’s response on your other post here:…


Here is a tutorial on how to do this: