How do we create status bars in Skuid ?

Hello All,

We are currently evaluating using Skuid as our UX for our Salesforce.

One of our main use cases is to have the ability to display the status of a record.

This is currently done as shown below in our Visualforce Page.

Please see the picture below.

Is it possible to display these chevron bars in Skuid ?.

Would also appreciate any links/documentation etc on this regard.




Thanks Pat.

In our usecase the chevron bars need to correspond to a picklist field.

So while configuring the progress bar indicator component I choose the second option “Picklist” as the mode.

Can you tell me how I can tie up a picklist field ?

Also the “Add Step” does not seem to be working because even when i clicked on “Add Step” nothing seems to be happening.

Please see the screenshot below.


After you select ‘Picklist’, save the page and then reload the page builder with your page.  Then click on the Progress Indicator component, you should see a model and field ‘pickers’.