How do to check reference field value is blank in UI formula fields?

In UI formula fields on any model, I am unable to check if the reference field is blank or not. The following does not work -

IF( {{refrence__c}} != null, ‘Not Null’, ‘Is Null’)

tried this link but does not help -…

Try to change the formula to:

IF({{refrence__c}}, 'Not Null', 'Is Null')

I have  already tried that and it dint work :frowning:

Okai, I’m unable to reproduce that. A few questions for you: 

  • What return type did you specify on your field?
  • Did you check the spelling of your reference field inside the formula?
  • Which version of Skuid are you working on?

Return type is a string only and yes the reference field value is correct. This is what I am trying to do - 

IF( {{Parent__c}} , 'Parent : ’ + {{Name}}, 'Child : ’ + {{Name}} )

Skuid version is 8.15.4

Can you try to update to the latest version? I copied your formula and it is working fine for me.

It works with the latest version. However it was not working in 8.15.4

Thanks :slight_smile: