How do Page Versions work in the skuid designer / page builder?

I am confused by the behavior of the Page Versions in the PageBuilder page composer. This is the popup opened from the More Page Actions button on the composer and selecting Versions.

I modified a page yesterday afternoon and again this morning, and realized that I needed to go back to yesterday’s end point. In the Page Versions list, there was an Auto-Save entry for 1/24/2018 3:29 pm, preceded in the list by 1/25/2018 11:05 am. (There were also later versions for 1/25, and earlier versions for 1/24 that are not relevant.) 

I assumed that the 3:29pm version would include my last edits from yesterday afternoon. I restored that version by clicking the clock action icon and then saving the page.

Fortunately, my final edit of the day had been a simple text change in a Rich Text component - but the change was not present in the restored page!

Was this an error, or is it a training issue? (training for me)

FWIW, skuid is v9.5.17

Mike, I’ve occasionally ran into similarly odd behavior when trying to use the versions feature. It seemed to me that they occurred when you try to name a past version or when you’ve restored a past version. I don’t have the steps to reproduce because it was hard to unravel, but I’ll document it the next time I have it happen so Skuid can have a few more data points.

Yes. I’ve similar experiences. Would be great if you could preview or even open the version in page builder in read only mode or something.

Added this idea today coincidentally.

And, can you say, “diff”?