How do multiple columns using sort function work together?

We have multiple sort functions on 1 page and when we sort 1 column by ascending, it seems to sort other columns as well which is causing some confusion. Anyone else come accross this?

I’m not sure I follow.  Can you clarify? 
Do you not expect the full record set to be sorted by the column selected?   
Or do you have mutliple tables connected to the same model? 

Hi there,

We were trying out the sort toggles for ‘date” and the “account name” and the symbol that’s used to indicate the ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’ toggles seems to be appearing in both columns. So sometimes it’s hard to say what column it’s sorting: see below: 

In the case below, it is sorted by ‘Name’, however it shows the toggle for the ‘Date’ as well:

Here are a few separate thoughts: 

1. The ability to interactively sort using the toggles is set in the properties of every field.  You can turn it off at the field level. 

2. If the default sort order is set for the model (Choose the Model and look at Advanced Properties)  the sort toggle indicator will be pre-populated in the direction of the default sort.  This may be what is causing confusion. 

3. You can choose to sort more than one column interactively.  The prior columns will remain sorted, but the last column sorted will be the primary.  In the example above if you had sorted on  “Start” and then sorted on “Account Name”    the table would sort first on Account Name and then on Start. 

4. If you have two tables that are driven on the same model,  sort actions on one table will impact the second table. 

If you sort on one column and the toggle indicators on other columns in the table also change - please let us know.  We have not seen that - but it would be a bug. 

Please let me know if this helps.