How do I use a snippet to only show certain pick list options?

I have a status field that’s a picklist and I’m trying to use a skuid snippet to only show certain picklist options. I do not want to change the picklist options directly in SDC since we need that field to have show those statuses  on a different page.

Oh, nice. I was going to say you should consider using record types. But keep in mind the considerations mentioned in this post.

Additionally, a solution I didn’t see mentioned is another declarative one.

You can create a UI only picklist field that only displays the values you want. Display this field to the user. As a model action, on-update of that field, update the value of the actual SF field on your model so that when saves occur, the value is actually saved to the server. This solution requires maintaining the picklist values in the UI only field, but then, so do the snippet solutions.