How do I send a mass email to contacts on a Contact table(as a related list) located on an Account d

I have an Account Detail page which shows all related Contacts in a table. I want to be able to select multiple contacts and send an email to all selected(mass email) from my skuid page.

We do a similar thing to this in our Skuid app. In essence, we have a related list (Skuid table) of contacts and a checkbox custom field on the contact object called Send Email. The user ticks that field for each relevant contact and clicks save on the table. We then have a workflow rule that fires whenever a contact is saved with Send Email set to true. Workflow then sends the email and resets the Send Email field to false. It works well for our scenario, which is simple in that we’re sending the same email template every time.

Thanks for the feedback Glenn! That is an interesting concept and solution. I definitely have a need to implement that strategy in a couple skuid pages I have to design where all the records in the table list will need to have the same email template sent to them. I am not familiar with workflow rules as yet so I will need to research it and see. It would be nice also if a drop down list for different email templates can be made and accessed in your scenario in place of the checkbox. Then, depending on the selection the workflow will email the appropriate template to the selected contacts.

Ahh, the picklist of templates to allow the user to select the one to be emailed would be nice. Alas, I don’t think you can dynamically pass a template ID to a standard Salesforce workflow email alert (unless there’s some magic I’m not aware of). You might have to resort to using Apex to send the emails in that case.

Glenn, for your custom header for your skuid pages, did you have to recreate it for each page you use or was there a way for you to create it once and pull it into all your skuid pages? Im trying to create a header which stores our logo, some menu items, a search box, and the log in log out screen (basically recereating salesforce standard header.

Also would it make sense to create a custom component for this so I can just pull it in easier on each page?

Our header does exactly what yours is aiming to do. Thus far it’s stored separately as a template in each Skuid page, but I think the custom component approach is the way we’ll head now that we have a better developer on board (i.e. not me).

Thanks Glenn. Appreciated.