How do I remove the 'edit page' sliding option from the side of the page?

This must be a really obvious answer and I’m being blind :P.

How do I remove the ‘edit page’ sliding option from a skuid page? Even though I have permissions set up properly, and users can’t actually save any changes to a page, they can click on the sliding option and see all the ugly skeletons behind the beautiful UI.

How do I remove this option?

I believe this can be done through Skuid Settings > User Licensing/Permisions > Assign users the Skuid Page Viewer Permission Set.

The reason the users are seeing that is because they have the builder permissions enabled. So if any users are seeing that tab and shouldn’t, just remove them from the ‘Builder’ permission set & add them to the ‘Viewer’ permission set.

That doesn’t seem to be an issue. No one has the builder permission set assigned to them, and only I have the admin permission set.

Hi Shmuel,

Check the conversation below and see if that helps you out:

7 months later I did this. Thanks!