How do I pass id parameter from one tab to another tab?

How do I pass id parameter from one tab to another tab? I have 2 tabs; in first tab I have master records. In 2nd tab I have a Queue component with detail page. 2nd tab queue component should display a detail record related to item selected in first component. I am able to go to 2nd tab with below code, but it is not filtering the record in the queue of 2nd tab.

I am trying to navigate Mater (tab 1)—> Detail (Master of another detail)—> Detail (tab 2) 

We have an example of a page that does what you are trying to do in our page repo.  You can copy this XML into a new page in your org.   Look here:

Some explanation of what is going on is found in this conversation:

Please pay attention to the Javascript required to pass the row information from the master record list to the detail section. 

Hope this gets you started. 

Hi Rob, Thank you for your quick response. I was able to do it with the redirect URL in the Table row action. Below sample URL is working after “I changed open URL in” to “Current window”.