How do I override a lookup/reference field link in a template?

I’m trying to create a link that takes a Skuid user to a specific page when they click on a person’s name. I don’t know that I necessarily want to override pages, as this will require more info than just the ID of the person’s Contact record. I figured I would just make a template with an HTML anchor tag that goes to another Skuid page. Here’s what my template field says: {{Student__c}} But here is what it looks like when it renders: Obviously something funky is happening with how the HTML and merge fields are interacting. What am I doing wrong?

Short answer: wrap Student_Enrollment__c in triple mustaches / curly braces, and Skuid will output the plain, unformatted value of the Student_Enrollment__c relationship field:

<a href="/apex/skuid__UI?page=StudentDetail&seid={{{Student_Enrollment__c}}}">{{Student__r.Name}}</a>

Long Answer: whenever you use two curly braces around a field in a template, such as “{{Student__c}}”, Skuid will look at your Model to see if there’s a corresponding field, and if there is, it will use that field’s metadata to try to render the raw data in an appropriate format. Examples: (Datetime) 2012-12-31 14:05:08.003Z —> 31/12/2012 14:05 (in Britain) (Lookup field) 0030000004754AAA —> link to Jack Black’s Contact record, with Jack Black as the link text So, for your case, when you tried to put “{{Student_Enrollment__c}}” inside of an HTML link, you were actually getting a double link, because Skuid was trying to render a link to the Student_Enrollment__c record inside of your link. But, when you use triple mustaches, Skuid just spits out the raw data, not doing any rendering at all. Compare: {{{Student__c}}} ---->


{{Student__c}} ---->

<a href="/0030000004754AAA">Jack Black</a>

Ahh, tricky, but handy! BTW, someone may want to edit the title of my post for future reference to something like “How do I override a standard field’s link in a template?”

Great, been looking for this solution!