How do I make the calendar take 100% height of the window

As we can see the calendar doesn’t take the full height of the window.
I could not find a way to adjust it.
Any good approach to do so?

I tried to make this DOM element 100% height,
It’s still not taking the full height.

I tried to apply

    height: 100vw;  

To make the calendar take the full height of window and also not overflow the window which means the y-scroll bar won’t appear.
However, it didn’t work at all.

any idea?


Hi -

Thanks for your question!  I think you’re pretty close, instead of the vw (which is the viewport width), try vh (viewport height).

&#46;nx-cal-table {<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; height: 90vh;<br />}

You can play around with the number to find what works best for you without the scrollbar showing. 90vh worked well for me when I tested it out.

Hope it works for you!