How do I make all fields on a page read only if a certain condition is met?

Essentially, I have a picklist field which when set to a certain value, should lock the entire page from being edited.

Welcome to the community. Thanks for asking.

In the most recent version of Skuid (Dubai Update 1) we introduced a new component action to change the “Mode” of the form. You could use this.

Here is a sketch.

  • On the model with your picklist field create a “Model action sequence” that fires on “Update row” when that picklist field is updated.
  • The Action should start with a branch that uses the value of your picklist field. If the picklist field is the certain value - the branch is true.
  • On the true branch add a “skuid component action” that targets the form component. See the image below for the configuration options.

Hopefully this works for you…