How do I integrate "Clean" Button into a Skuid page?

How do I integrate “Clean” Button into a Skuid page?  It doesn’t appear like the rest of the buttons that are available automatically in the Page Title component.

Correct.  That button is “on click Javascript” which we do not currently bring in automatically and make available for use in page title components.  You can recreate the javascript by incorporating it into a snippet and calling that snippet from a button of type “Custom”. 

Rob- I am attempting to do this, but I can’t find the javascript used by  Do you know where to grab it?

You can look at the rendered page (Inspect the element) but the reverse engineering here is pretty difficult.  Because Data.Com is now an integrated salesforce product,  they are able to do things that most 3rd party vendors cannot do. (Like obfuscate their code).  We have not ever been able to reproduce the Data.Com functionality in a Skuid page. 

Hey Rob, 

Any update on this? Is this now standard functionality without recreating javascript?