How do I get response grid in drawer in focus

I have a table with drawers.  Inside the drawers are 3 response grids and each has their own “Page Title” with buttons.  When I press a button I change the value of a picklist.  The value chosen in the picklist renders one of the 3 response grids.

When I open the second item in a table to view its drawer the correct response grid is shown,  However, when I click on a button in that response grid only the first item in the table is changed.

The button does not seem to know which item to modify?

Here is a high level guess.  You need to look at the context being set on the page title that the button is connected to.  If it is not defined, your actions there will just be taking the first record from the model as thier inputs.  

So it is possible?

Bingo!  Your the man!  Thanks!

Glad to hear!