How do I force a page reload on the go to URL action?

The go to URL action performs admirably most of the time however there are situations where I may want to go to a specific tab where the go to URL action is not producing the intended result.

Use Case: I have a subtab called contacts. I want to have users click a button on a popup and have them directed to that subtab.

If I add #contacts to the end of the URL and load it manually at the top of the browser and hit enter or refresh the page when I am on any tab or subtab it will automatically open the page and go straight to displaying the correct tab.

However in my case when I am on a popup on the same page (but different subtab) and I set the button go to URL action to the page (but with the #contacts) appended to it the page does not seem to load. It seems as if the system is detecting that I am already on the Skuid page and ignoring the request to load the URL.

Is there a different method I should be using for the button so it navigates to that subtab when pressed?

I’m not sure whether this will work in your scenario, but in an internal application we want to load a tab from an action. There we simply redirect to the hash. (dont include the base url at all). Here is the XML node.

<action type="redirect" window="self" url="#tabname"/>

Let me know if this works for you