How do I display the contact on an opportunity when using opportunity contact role object

We are using the opportunity contact role object to join Opportunities with contacts. We want to display the contact name, with the ‘primary’ designation, on the table that shows other opportunity information.  How do I pull contact name over to the opportunity view via the opportunity contact role using the skuid interface?   

Just use opportunity contact role as a new model in your Skuid page. All the fields you need should be available & if you want more specificity, just drill down into the Opportunity or Contact by clicking the arrow directly right of the check box

Thanks, Erik. :slight_smile:
One more option is, if you’re using a model on Opportunity, pull in the OpportunityContactRoles child relationship and access the primary Contact from here. This would allow you to edit the Opportunities in the table (though the Opp Contact Role info would be read-only).

Here’s a tutorial on Child Relationships in Skuid:

Once you select the child relationship, you can access the Contact or drill into the Contact to get related fields. To return just the primary, you can add a condition to your OpportunityContactRoles relationship where isPrimary = true.

Great stuff, very helpful