How do I display Attachments from the Contact, Opportunity and Account in one Skuid Table?

HI All, This seems like something that had to be answered already but I can not find it on the community. I have a question concerning adding attachments at the Contact or Opportunity level. When this is done, it appears that Salesforce automatically displays those records on the Notes and Attachment related list on the Account level. Also it appears that you can add an attachment directly to the Account at the Account level and that is the only place it is displayed. I have a skuid page that I am using to replace the standard Salesforce Account page and on that we have a tab for Contacts and a tab for Opportunities, both have a table for Notes and Attachment. I also have an Tab I am using to display Attachments. My problem is I am only seeing attachments that were added directly to the Account, I am not seeing any attachment added to the Contact or Opportunity on the Account Attachment table. I have a model associated with the Attachment object and a filter set to : Parent.Id = (AccountData)(Id) Any suggestions on how to get all attachments to display in this table?

Set the conditions that would pull all of these attachments (keep adding the conditions to the model). Then click on Conditions and set the filter logic to be 1 OR 2 OR 3 OR… In the list view you can put the Parent.Name and Parent.Type. Parent.Type is the API name for the Parent object.