How do I build a Create New Record page?

Is there a way to create a custom “Create New” page in Skuid?

There are a few important things to do to create a New Record Page: 1) In your main Model properties, check “Create Default Row if Model Has None” and deselect “Load Model Data on Page Load.” (Make sure all related objects are linked to this Model, and that for them both options are deselected) 2) Create a Field Value condition on this model where Id = null. 3) You can set the Field Editor component to edit mode to create a space where fields are permanently open for editing. 4) You can also use the Page Title Component to insert a Save/Cancel Action that will Save all of the models utilized in the page and will redirect users to the New Record’s Detail page. Check out full instructions in Build a Create New Record Page in the Skuid Tutorial. If you’re ready for the next step, check out the Create New Contact Wizard tutorial for instructions on creating a New Contact Wizard that will allow you to create a more complex, multi-step Create New process that can include multiple, inter-related models.

Anna, this seems great for base records that need to be created with no context. But have you written about how to create connected records - like New Calls for Leads, or new opportunities for Accounts. This would be a cool, and you’ve probably already done it…

Really good follow up question, Rob. The way to get your record + context is to include (a) model(s) for the related object(s) in the new page so that they can receive, when appropriate, values from the URL. In other words, on your new Contact page you need:

  • an accounts model with a condition where id = the account id in the url parameter
  • a condition on your Contacts model where AccountId = the Id field from the Account model
Then, when there is an AccountId passed in through the url, it will be auto-populated in the new Contact form. So, on your Account page, in the related contacts tab, if you have a New Contact button, you can just add that parameter to the redirect URL e.g. /{{Model.KeyPrefix}}/e?retURL=%2F{{$}}&accid={{$}} I agree that it would be great to have a tutorial for this one day.

I am trying to do something similar with a custom object. And would like to be directing users to a skuid page created to enter a new record. My redirect is currently taking me straight to the Contact page. How do I structure the syntax to bring over the Contact ID (the parent record of the new record we are creating) and land on the create new page. /{{Model.KeyPrefix}}/e?retURL=%2F{{$}}