How do I access salesforce custom labels in a snippet? I tried $A.get("$Label.Name_Of_Label") but it

Access Custom Label

“$A” is the shorthand for Aura in lightning components, I don’t think that will work with skuid, I think you want something like this:


That should work according to these links:

Hi Moshe,

I tried these approaches but they doesnt seem to be working. I am looking to use the labels in javascript. 

I tried something like this but no luck. 

var testLabel = {$Label.LABEL_NAME};

Any other ideas?


Hi Kalyan,

Moche’s approach works for me. 

You will need to add the Custom Label to the Skuid page first before it can be accessed by this method or in a merge template, otherwise that method will just return an empty string. 


Hi Ryan,

I am trying to access a label as shown below:

var specialSegment = skuid.utils.mergeAsText(“global”,“{{$Label.Special_Partner}}”);

but have got an error saying :
skuid__SkuidJS:26 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘organizationId’ of undefined

Any idea on how to utilize this method from utils ?

Hi Kvin,

That code looks okay. 

Are you sure your error isn’t being thrown by a different line of code? Look for a line that attempts to access a field called organizationId on an object. 

Have you tried debugging using console.log or alert statements?

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for taking time to respond on this.
I got this working.

The reason was : The Skuid.utils.userInfo object is only available once the page is loaded.

So if you intend to access this in “inline” snippet

//Here you should be able to access as shown below
 var specialSegment = skuid.utils.mergeAsText(“global”,“{{$Label.Special_Partner}}”);    console.log(‘specialSegment from Label’,specialSegment);