How can we include holidays and weekends in skuid calendar ?

As we can set up the holiday settings for our organization in Salesforce (
Setup > Company Profile > Holidays > Add). The same, I want to include holidays in skuid calendar components so that user can’t be able to create event or appointment in holidays.
Please do let me know if you need more details.


Hi sumit

Weekends are easy to include in calendar. Just check/uncheck “Hide Weekends” in your specific view ( Week / Month ). For Holidays you need the Source of the specific Object (Holidays) and would have to reformat the StartDate/EndDate via a FormulaField as StartDateTime/EndDateTime.
But to disable a day which is marked as a holiday from been editable or scheduled on will need some pretty complex custom code.

Thanks for your information.
We can easily hide weekends in calendar components by checking hide weekend checkbox. But Question is, how can we hide holidays ? as in sales force we can set holidays so that events could not be created in holiday.